x-Series Cayetano Rocafort Edition "Sandy"

x-Series Cayetano Rocafort Edition "Sandy"

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RS x-Series Cayetano Rocafort Edition "Sandy". A premium padel racket developed and used by Padel professional Cayetano Rocafort. The sandy finish gives you a better grip and spin.

"I wanted to develop the perfect racket for Padel lovers. The purpose was to use my own skills and feeling on the court to understand what most of the players would appreciate. A round, mid balanced all-round Padel racket that suits both the advanced player looking for massive control and feel as well as the recreational player that wants to avoid a too heavy racket that has a sore impact on elbows and shoulders"

Good luck with your Padel / Caye


Shape: Round

Frame: 100% Carbon EV40

Face: 3K Carbon + Fiberglass

Profle: 38 mm

Balance: Low

Weight: 360-375 g